Bear Burgers and an Easy Angry Birds Bento

Happy 2012!  Well, we are finally back to a routine in our schedules after the long break so it’s back to bentoing.

For Christmas, Paige received an Angry Birds board game which the kids have been playing quite a bit.  It gave me the idea to make this bento (pictured above) with the pig surrounded by the blocks.  I used a couple of picks for his ears and sugar eyes both of which you can find at All Things For Sale.  I made the peanut butter and jelly sandwich fist and then cut out the pigs head using a small oval cutter.  Then I cut the top off of the sandwich and then the two sides to make the blocks.  Then I took a small slice of bread from  the leftover sandwich and cut a smaller oval for the snout and poked a couple of holes for his nostrils.

Bear chicken and veggie burgers with rice and a few veggies.  The hat picks are available at All Things for Sale as well!

Here are a few pics from our vacation!  The view from Makapu’u Light House trail.

Fun at the beach.

The new elephant exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo.


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16 responses to “Bear Burgers and an Easy Angry Birds Bento

  1. Love the Angry bird lunch and the cute little bears! Looks like a very fun vacation, I am jealous! :D

  2. Aw so cute! Did your kids like the hike? Was it hard? Glad you folks had a great holiday!

  3. very cute!…
    wow, you had a nice holiday…cool pics :)

  4. Susan

    So good to see you back, vacation pics look fab :)

  5. If my boys see the Angry Bird, they’ll surely wants one! So cute :)

  6. Adorable bento, relaxing gorgeous scenery–enjoed my lunch break visit here, Susan!

  7. I love it! Kidlet and I have been really enjoying seeing all of your Phineas and Birds bento lunches! He is a big fan too….!!

  8. So cute! I wish I had thought of using bread – it looks like you guys had a great vacation time as well. ^^

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