King Pig Sandwich

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love the game Angry Birds?  I can attest to the fact that the game is a lot of fun and incredibly addicting as well!

Today I decided to make the King Pig since he was the easiest to do.  I used a whole wheat bread that is much like a flat round bun (see picture below) for the pig’s head.  With another bread, I cut the snout and ears out; and for the eyes, I used provolone cheese and a couple of mini chocolate chips.  Hope you like it! :)

Whole wheat sandwich rounds, oval cutter for the snout, small round cutter for the nostrils, medium round cutter for the ears, and large round cutter for the eyes.

For some great ideas for Thanksgiving lunches, check out Parent Map’s 10 Thanksgiving Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids!


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10 responses to “King Pig Sandwich

  1. It’s AWESOME! I love it!

  2. King Pig is super cute! Kidlet loves Angry Birds…I sadly have never played :D

  3. Heehee! So cute! The crown pick is perfect for this King Pig too :D

  4. so cool, Susan..our family love angry birds :b

  5. I’ve never played that game but Angry Bird is everywhere! This little pig is so cute too..That pick is perfect! I also love how you mix fun bento characters with wholesome foods. : )

  6. Aiyee! This is so cute and original and looks so easy to make! I love it! ^^

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! :)

  8. SN

    Fantastic idea! I’m working on an Angry Birds Bday party for my soon to be 6 year old & want to give this a try. One question, what did you use to keep the eyes & snout in place. Also, where did you find the cute crown picks? Kuddos for sharing w/ all of us. :)

    • I dab a little bit of peanut butter, jelly, or honey to make it stick. You can find the crown picks at some of the stores listed on the “where to buy” page.

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