PBJ Ferb Sammies

Since I made Phineas yesterday, I just had to make a Ferb bento today!  Ferb’s head is long and thin so I could make two Ferbs out of one PBJ sandwich.  To make Ferb I just printed out a picture of him, cut his head out, and used it as a stencil.  Then I used a sharp knife to cut him out and assembled my PBJ sandwich complete with cheese eyes and a few sprigs of parsley for his hair.  I thought about using cucumbers for his hair but figured it would just make the bread soggy.

Anyway, Sean loved it and he thought the Ferb sammies were pretty funny looking. :)


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24 responses to “PBJ Ferb Sammies

  1. Great job Susan! They fit perfectly in the box too!

  2. Looks exactly like Ferb. My daughter is behind me and shout ‘Ferb’ instantly when I read your post hehehe … Wish you a great weekend ahead Susan!

  3. These look great! They’re funny in a good way too. ^^

  4. Aloha Susan,

    I’m with Kauai Family Magazine. Can you contact us at kauaifamilymagazine@gmail.com? We would like to feature your delightful bentos! Mahalo!

  5. Thanks so much Sheri, Lia, and AikoVenus! :)

  6. These are AWESOME! So creative!

  7. Phineas and Ferb is one of my favorite cartoons! Love this idea! I featured it on my blog today at ascrapoftime.blogspot.com

  8. Em

    I’m 23 and my sister is 25– we are HUGE fans of “Phineas and Ferb.” Ferb is our favorite. A friend shared this link, and I shared it with my sister. Great job!!!

  9. Thank so much Brandi, Charity, and Em! :)

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  11. do you have a picture of the ferb you used as a template for his head?

  12. a

    these are great! what did you use for the black part of the eye?

  13. Isabella(Not Real Name)

    Hey, Im 16 And I LOVE Phineas And Ferb. You Sandwiches Are All Over This Popular Website Called Tumblr. And Im Soo Glad I Finally Get To Make Them For School. Everyone Is Going To Think Im So Cool. Haha. Hey Do You Think You Can Do Some Of Spongebob Characters If Its Not To Much. Please And Thank You. P.s You Are So Creative And Really Go Into Detail. You Rock And Make Great Sandwiches.! K Bye :)

  14. Cathy D

    Oh, my own Sean will flip over these! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks :)

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  16. Paula Jolly

    TOO cute! I can’t wait to make this for my son!!

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