Winter Hats!

Quick post today… Paige’s bento contains two snow people onigiri, chicken kara-age, and some fruit and veggies.   The hats for the snow people are actually these cupcake picks from Bake it Pretty.  Check out their site, you’ll love them too! :)


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16 responses to “Winter Hats!

  1. Sooo cute!! I love the snowmen with hats!

  2. Hey that is so cool and cute! This is such a sweet bento. Kinda sad to know they’ve been eaten already. lol. : )

  3. your creations are always so neat
    It gives me joy only by looking at it :)

  4. So adorable!
    In love with the hatsssss…..

  5. Awesome hats! Always love your cute bento Susan :)

  6. I’ve been seeing hats all around lately (and it’s funny, as I just pulled mine out of winter storage), and yours are definitely awesome. So neat and tidy. What did you use for the bright red nose?

  7. They are so cute! We never have winter here in Indonesia, would you love to send us some? Hehehe :D

  8. javapot

    lots of lovely snowman :)

    btw merry xmas and happy new year to u and your family :)

  9. this is so cute susan, i love the snowmen. The nose and hat picks make it even more cuter!

  10. karaimame

    The hats! Aw, they are so cute! Adds a sweet touch to the snow people ^_^.

  11. Love your site! I am a brand new bento-er and have gotten so many sweet ideas and tricks from you.. This morning I actually did a post on my own blog describing bento (many of us gals have never even heard of it until very recently.) I linked to you and used the photo of your son with his lion face bento (accredited to you and linked back to the appropriate post a’course;-}
    Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas♥

  12. Thank you everyone for your very kind comments! :)

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