Pumpkin Twins #133

These guys were supposed to be pumpkins but they ended up looking like the retro version of Officer Big Mac or Mayor McCheese.  Paige didn’t know who I was talking about which made me feel old, LOL!  Anyway her lunch consists of two small Dutch rolls filled with turkey, lettuce, and American cheese.  I also gave her a side of celery sticks with apple shaped carrots and poppyseed dressing.  This bento was super fast and easy as you can tell.  It took me less than 10 minutes to put together! :)


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18 responses to “Pumpkin Twins #133

  1. Haha yay! Mayor McCheese! :D They are adorable pumpkin/burger friends ;)

  2. awww…..they look so cute!

  3. Haha, Mayor McCheese!
    Er, I suppose we’re dating ourselves.
    Supercute though!

  4. yeah… look like Big Mac to me.. haha..

  5. Bwahahaha! So adorably cute I can not stop laughing!

  6. Cute! I know who you are talking about so I feel old too, hahaha…

  7. So cute! Officer Big Mac and Mayor McCheese are on their Halloween undercover duty. So they have to wear a pumpkin suit LOL :D

  8. hihihi..yes, it looks like big mac to me..
    very sweet…!

  9. I don’t know… But they look like cute owls to me, oopss!! :D

  10. Haha! As soon as I saw the images on screen I laughed. They are too cute! Don’t you just love telling your kids about pop culture you grew up with but makes them go, ‘huh?’. lol.. Have a great Friday, thanks for making me smile!

  11. Ha! This is great! you and those google eyes! :D

  12. Hahaha … they look so cute!!! love it!

  13. LOL we’re old together! Cute little sandwiches no matter who they look like!

  14. I love the goofy expressions they have, so cute and funny! :)

  15. Very sweet and endearing as always! I think the bottom sammie looks a bit owl-like!

  16. These are adorable. They remind me of Sesame Street muppets with those big googly eyes. :)

  17. Too cute to be eaten.
    I love sandwich much!
    Couldn’t believed that sandwich,
    those sandwich bento that susan made can be so lovely

  18. Yup, I remember Mayor McCheese well! I had a set of glasses from McDs with him Ronald, Hamburgler, and that purple guy… oh man, what was his name?! Cute sandwiches. :)

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