Shaun the Sheep Sandwich Bento #100

Shaun the Sheep (made by the same creators of Wallace and Gromit) is one of Sean’s favorite shows on the Disney Channel!  In fact, both Mark and I find ourselves laughing and enjoying the show right alongside Paige and Sean. :D  From the show, I also had to include one of the three Naughty Pigs (my favorite characters) who are always trying to get Shaun and his flock of sheep into trouble.  If you haven’t seen this show before, you really should check it out for a few good laughs. :)


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33 responses to “Shaun the Sheep Sandwich Bento #100

  1. You never cease to amaze me! Super cute! Now I want to watch some Shaun the Sheep while eating this sammy!

  2. hypothermya

    One of my favorite Wallace and Grommit characters ever! (And I had no idea that Shaun had his own tv series….) This is one of the coolest bentos *ever*.

    You can’t eat him. O.O Look at his big eyes, staring up at you!

  3. Jess

    That looks so sweet. Have to try it. my little one will love it
    she enjoys the show too along with … i think his name is tommy or timmy also a sheep from shaun.

    Well done !!!!

  4. On your hands, ordinary sandwiches can turn out to be extraordinary cute ones, Susan. I learn a lot from you :D

  5. Outstandingly cute and charming!! Just about perfect in every detail, looooooved this one :))

  6. Wendy

    Pleeeeeease, pleeeeease, tell me how you made this!! We love Shaun the sheep. My kids have just informed me that they want my bentos for school this fall instead of the school lunches–even though they hire a chef to cater the food—so I’m thinking this would be awesome for the first day of school. I’m copying all your amazing bentos because I’m going to be packing 3 bentos a day this fall and I’ll go insane if I have to come up with that many unique lunches.

  7. Sharon

    That is just awesome! My kids (and husband) absolutely adore Shaun the Sheep. They (the kids, not the husband) had a fit when they saw this picture. Definitely going to have to make this for their lunches when they go back to school. – They’ve already put in a request for the Wallace and Gromit one as well!

  8. Have always wanted to make a Shaun the Sheep bento. We love it too in our family. :)

  9. We also love Shaun the Sheep and you did an awesome job as usual!!!

  10. Awesome!

    Myself and Kimi loved Shaun the Sheep too!!

    Can’t wait for your tutorial. I want to make this too! :)

  11. Beautiful and sooo cute! :) My daughter would love that very much…

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend…

  12. Jenna

    Hi, wonderful as always.
    Is there anything that i can use instead of Nori ? We sadly dont like the taste of it, so when it comes to more than just eyes or whiskers, its sadly not working for us.

  13. Kit

    Simply adorable! Great job.

  14. I still love this one! Thanks for linking up this week. :o)

  15. You are amazing. :)
    Your bentos totally inspire me. Thanks for making food so cute, and then taking the time to share it!

  16. This is adorable! I am just looking into going bento for my girls as they will ‘never not ever eat a school lunch’…seeing your interpretations makes me want to do a Charlie & Lola bento!

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