The Oz-Man Cometh… Written by Mark

Whomever coined Elvis as the king of rock and roll must have been born well before 1940, for we all know who the real king is.  Yes, that’s right, it’s John Michael Osbourne, better known simply to the world as “Ozzy”.  This bento is dedicated to the man himself (Long Live the King!!), the singer of some of the best known rock and metal tunes ever.  You need not look further than songs such as Paranoid, Iron Man, Over the Mountain, Bark at the Moon, and of course, Crazy Train as absolutely brilliant examples of supreme head-banging, fist-pumping anthems of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Ozzy of course, is backkkkkkk with his new album coming this June 22-be sure to be on the look out for this new disc as Ozzy’s newest guitarist Gus G. is crazy good and judging from his new single (check out You Tube), the songs will be rocking like never before!!

Check out this vid of Ozzy at Madame Tassauds promoting his new album.  Hilarious! (Warning- contains a little bit of swearing.)

If you examine further, at the rest of the bento and if you are a true follower and believer of rock music, you will also notice that this bento is also dedicated to one of the best guitarists to ever roam this planet earth, someone whom we all love and surely miss even after a long 28 years.  His name was Randy Rhoads, the seemingly shy and quiet classically trained guitarist whom Ozzy, fresh from having been kicked to the side by Black Sabbath, plucked from nowhere to be his side kick and cohort until his untimely death in 1982.  Randy was known for several guitars, but in my mind, the guitar most synonymous with Mr. Rhoads was his 70’s cream Gibson Les Paul Custom.  Here, on this bento, in full glory is that guitar (with a Gretsch headstock unfortunately!!).  Susan bought these guitar molds from the Executive Chef at Ward, and though they were made as ice molds they do a great job with rice!

Here is the bento that Susan is submitting to the Kawaii Bento club’s Rock My Bento contest (sans guitar) since she didn’t make the headstock and neck of the guitar.  Ozzy is made from rice, seasoned kombu for his hair, iriko the eyebrows, kamaboko and nori for the glasses, bologna for his lips, kamaboko for his teeth, and black sesame seeds for the inside of his mouth.  The bento also contains, chicken katsu, chive and bacon Korean pancakes, and  a few fruits and vegetables.

On a final note check out these awesome Gene Simmons KISS bentos made by Andrea of Coloring Outside the Lines!!!  Thanks for sharing your bentos with us Andrea! :D

Many thanks to the best boss in the world, Lynne who inspired Susan to do this bento!!! :D

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48 responses to “The Oz-Man Cometh… Written by Mark

  1. Too awesome for words!!!

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  3. Lynne

    Susan, that TOTALLY looks like Ozzy!! His glasses are way too cool!! You really are an artist (regardless of the fact that Mark constantly tries to take credit for your work – so sad!) :) It made me fire up iTunes so I could hear “Bark at the Moon”! Glad you didn’t include the dove or bat like Mark wanted! I hope Ozzy or Sharon sees it!! That would TOTALLY make Mark’s day! :)

  4. That is the coolest! It’s going to circle the internet for a few years! Bet on it. :)

  5. Wow! Another awesome Rock Bento!!

    I was playing with the idea of doing a WuBai cos we are crazy fans of his but decided I couldn’t make it…:(

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally gotten hold of your 2 books and the Dino Cutter you recommended!!!

    I am so so happy and love love your books!!! My son and nieces love them too! We made some bentos using your books.. if free pls drop by. Of cos, mine pales in comparison to yours…

    My niece is asking me when she can come & help make bentos again. And she has ear-marked so many ‘want-to-makes’ and ‘must-makes’. :)

    Thanks for 2 wonderful books, look forward to your 3rd!! :)

  6. Wow the true rocker girl comes out again! You rock girl! Awesome! :O

  7. You can definitely tell it’s Ozzy! Do Sharon and Kelly next! :D You have sooo got the knack for this, Susan! Brilliant! :D

  8. Susan, when I came up with the idea for this contest, I never could have imagined that it would be blessed with such brilliant, creative entries. Ozzy is freakin’ amazing!!

    If you aren’t getting free concert tickets and band merch in the mail by now, you should be!

  9. Wow, you did a superb job. Between you and the Kiss Bento, it’s going to be hard to decide on a winner. Love the hair!

  10. lori

    Totally awesome!!! So talented! Mark – great write up!

  11. Crazy cool bento Susan! You are so talented and your creativity just bursts out of these rockin’ bentos!!

  12. Susan, you’re totally rock!!!! A true bento artist :D. Believe me, if you give me those bentos, I would never eat them. They look so real! It’s just like eating the “heads” of those rockstars, ohoho so creepy.

  13. It’s Sunday again and I’m so-o-o-o-o tempted to make Ozzbento. :)

  14. Wow, this is really amazing !!!!

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