Pancakes for Breakfast #54

Paige and Sean are doing much better but I kept Paige home again today.  I didn’t think her school would appreciate me sending her back with a hacking cough and runny nose. :)  The kids were tired of eating so much soup this past week that they requested pancakes for breakfast this morning.  After we made the star pancakes, we dressed them up a little with cheese and sugar eyes.  Those icing eyes are great!  They are so easy to use and make any lunch (or breakfast) a lot more fun.  I bought these large eyes from the Executive Chef at Ward Warehouse and they also carry many different colors and sizes.  TGIF! :D


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21 responses to “Pancakes for Breakfast #54

  1. so glad to hear P and S are doing better. who wouldn’t be with such a nice mommy taking care of them and bringing them cute pick-me-ups like this?!

  2. Those are SO cute! What a great meal to wake up to!!

  3. Joyce


    i was reading this on my phone and my girls went “wow”. My Big ger says she wants the pancake. Heee…..

    Wonder can share the recipe for the pancake mixture?

    Oh…..those eyes are soooo cute. I am from Singapore. Anyone knows where can we get it? I only know where to get the arts n crafts version :p

  4. Cute star pancakes! Those eyes are so wonderful, is like button eyes for craft except this one can be eaten. This breakfast sure is bringing a lot of smile and happiness to your kids. Have a nice weekend Susan!!

  5. Yum!!! Do you think I can adpot you as my Mum too?

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  7. Those are so fun and kooky looking! It’s like the pancakes are too crazy to know that they’re about to be eaten! Nom!

  8. The eyes are real cute! Jus stick then on?

  9. Those funny eyes are sooooooooooo kawaii!
    Too bad we don’t have such stuff around here but guess we can always do it ourselves! You just reminded me I have fondant!!!!! I’ve not been baking any cupcakes for ages… so there are some fondant sitting there waiting to see the world!

    Btw, your pancakes turned out so nice! You have any secret recipes for that???

  10. Glad to hear they are feeling better. Those pancakes look fabulous and those EYES are awesome. It reminds me of the stickers that came with our Lego bucket! (The stickers that I’m still scraping off my best wooden furniture LOL) Great work! :D

  11. Evelyn

    FYI – anyone who can’t find the icing eyes… they can be made. use a royal icing recipe that you can find on
    this is actually what those little eyes are. as a cake decorator we use royal icing for a lot of things. also if you want to experiment you can make the eye colors different!

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