Spam Christmas Stockings Musubi Bento

Today I made Sean a bento since Paige didn’t have to bring lunch.  I made him Christmas stocking spam musubis along with mini chive dumplings, a few slices of pear, and some veggies.  I also made a mini wreath using a long sprig of thyme and propped it up behind a bow pick to make the bow look like it was part of the wreath.  Sean picked up the wreath and asked me “What’s dat?”.  I told him it was decoration so he put it on his finger and wore it as a ring as he finished his lunch. :)


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12 responses to “Spam Christmas Stockings Musubi Bento

  1. I don’t know which is cuter, the spam stockings or the wreath! Fabulous!

  2. Cute x 3! My boy would do the same :)

  3. Cutie … each stocking for one wish, love the mini wreath too :o)

  4. Thanks hapabento, sheri, and Lia! :)

  5. javapot

    cute ‘ring’ and socks :)

  6. Love the mini wreath, and I like the idea of wearing food. Cute bento!

  7. Thanks javapot and Judy! :)

  8. They are so cute!!! Very cool. Who would have thought Spam would make such nice stockings?

  9. aiiiii!!!! these little stockings are soooooo cute! great idea!

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